What is Group Vision Plans?

Keep an eye on the wellbeing of your employees with an affordable Group Vision Plan. At Carter Bradley, we offer flexible, cost-effective Group Plans to help your employees get the high-quality care they deserve

Eye health is an important factor in the overall wellness of your employees and one of the keys to improving the productivity of your business. So, it makes sense to offer your team a dependable option with affordable premiums and low out-of-pocket costs.

Benefits of a Group Vision Plan

Offering attractive benefits is essential to stay competitive as an employer. We have available a broad set of Group Vision Plans with many customizable options to provide your employees with even more comprehensive and personalized coverage.

Whether it’s an eye exam, prescription glasses, or contact lenses, we have solutions to cover all the eye health needs of your team.

You may also consider bundling your Vision Plan with a Dental Plan and other types of group insurance to create a solid portfolio of benefits that boosts morale, increases retention, and helps you attract new talent.

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We work with a large variety of insurance carriers to provide our clients with the most dependable and cost-effective insurance solutions.

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