What is 401 (k) Plans?

A 401 (k) plan is a retirement plan sponsored by an employer and one of the most effective tools employees can use to build their financial future.

At Carter Bradley, we put at your disposal an interesting array of 401 (k) Plans you can personalize to help your business and employees reach their goals.

What Are 401 (k) Plans?

Named after the section of the tax code that established them, these plans give employees control about important aspects such as contribution rates, investment choices, and plan withdrawals.

As the business owner, you are the plan sponsor of your employees, which means you get to decide what type of 401 (k) Plan to offer and what investments your employees can choose.

It’s worth noting that a 401 (k) can also benefit you as an employer, as it may help you qualify for tax credits and become a factor in your strategy to attract and retain valuable employees.

From Traditional 401 (k) plans to self-directed plans, we have the alternative that makes sense for your business.

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