What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Also called Workers Comp, Workers Compensation Insurance helps injured employees get medical care and compensation for a part of their income, and also may protect employers from lawsuits by workers who sustain injuries while working.

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A Requirement in Most States

Workers Compensation Insurance is a legal requirement in most states. This type of policy protects employees who sustain injuries at work, but it also helps you increase retention of valuable and experienced workers, a factor that gives your business a substantial long-term advantage.

What incidents are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance?

Having Workers Compensation Insurance is just the first step. Understanding the specific coverage it provides is also extremely important for any business owner.

Workers Compensation Insurance covers medical bills, care costs, and may also cover a portion of lost wages that result from injuries sustained in the workplace or in any other place where the employee performs their job duties.

Coverage Beyond the Basics

It’s always a smart strategy to protect your business with insurance that goes beyond the basics. Many Workers Compensation Insurance policies exceed the legal minimums and also help cover legal costs if an employee sues you over a workplace injury.

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