What is Product Liability Insurance?

Manufacturers, distributors, or sellers are exposed to legal litigation when the use of their products is associated with personal injury or damage. Choose Carter Bradley to manage these risks and feel confident knowing that you have one of the most dependable insurance agencies on your side.

Policies That Meet Your Needs

Product liability insurance can be added to your General Liability Policy or you can choose to purchase it as a stand-alone policy. No matter what option you choose, our experts will help you design coverage that meets the unique needs of your business.

More Than Just Insurance

Getting Product Liability Insurance is a smart move in more than one way. In addition to getting the protection you need, you will also become more aware of the risks you face as a business owner.

For example, consider these scenarios where Product Liability can provide customized protection:

  • An incident happens and you are considered liable even if your company only took part in a small part of the production process (like design, manufacturing, or packing).
  • Directions or warnings included in your product result in damage or injury.

Additionally, Product Liability Insurance is in some cases a requirement to sign a contract with other companies.

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