What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Also called Business Auto Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance offers coverage for your business vehicles, be it one car or a fleet of trucks. Choose Carter Bradley to protect these valuable assets with a policy made with your needs in mind.

More than Your Usual Auto Coverage

The ramifications of an accident are more complicated with business vehicles than with personal cars. That’s why Commercial Auto Insurance provides enhanced coverage by taking the elements of the usual auto insurance and adding even more protection.

Higher Liability Coverage

One of the key differences between Commercial Auto Insurance and insurance for individuals is that with commercial auto insurance you can get higher liability coverage. This is due to the fact that a business usually has more assets at risk compared to an individual driver.

With Commercial Auto Insurance you also get collision coverage, that may help pay for damage if your commercial vehicle hits or is hit by another vehicle, regardless of who caused the incident.

Business Owners Policy (BOP) usually does not cover vehicles, so getting Commercial Auto Insurance is essential for any business.

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Contact Our Experts in Commercial Auto Insurance

Our experts at Carter Bradley are here to get you started on the ideal Commercial Auto Insurance for your organization. They will help you create a customized policy according to information like:

  • How many vehicles your business use
  • How you use your vehicles in your business
  • Who will be driving your vehicles
  • Whether you own, rent, or lease your vehicles

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