What is Cargo Insurance?

For your company to run efficiently, you must consider every aspect of your organization, and that includes cargo. Protect this essential but often overlooked part of your business with our reliable Cargo Insurance solutions.

Who Needs Cargo Insurance?

Any business that ships products frequently should consider Cargo Insurance, especially if they ship high-value items or materials such as computer equipment, communications equipment, or medical equipment.

No matter how specialized your business is, you can rest assured we have the right Cargo Insurance solution to adjust your policy to your specific requirements. From fine art to motor truck cargo coverage, we can offer you the unique protection your company needs.

Cargo Insurance Aspects to Keep in Mind

The first step in Cargo Insurance is taking a look at your operations to find the most appropriate type of coverage.

For example, marine cargo insurance covers cargo only while it’s transported overseas by plane or ship. If you want to protect the products as they continue their journey on land, then you need an inland marine policy.

We will help you make sense of Cargo Insurance to determine the policy that works for you and the amount of coverage your business needs.

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