What is Business Property Insurance?

Whether it’s buildings, vehicles, or equipment, your business property is exposed every day to risks of damage or even destruction. That’s why we put at your disposal flexible insurance solutions designed to protect your company’s physical assets against unexpected events.

Preparation Is Key

Preparation is a key to business success because it puts you one step ahead and helps you weather difficult situations. Fire, flooding, and theft are just some of the incidents that may deal a critical blow to your company. Our customized Business Property coverage gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on taking advantage of new revenue opportunities for your business.

Get the Protection You and Your Business Deserve

This type of insurance helps pay for the costs of replacing lost or damaged business property. Additionally, it can cover some associated losses, like the loss of income that derives from having to halt operations totally or partially.

Coverage for Unexpected Costs

Exploring the coverages available to you is well worth the effort, as it may make you aware of some risks you have never considered. For example, some policies may cover the costs of removing debris before reconstruction work begins, or in case a covered event damages your property while it’s being rebuilt.

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